Dolya Nash Krai

An idiosyncratic blend of stylistic types.... the music comes across vividly....

SPNM Reading panel
Dartington Gamelan

Dartington College of Arts Balinese Gamelan Orchestra

Photo courtesy Susanna Mo

A setting of 2 traditional Ukrainian folk texts for Soprano, Alto, Electric Guitar and Gamelan Gong Kebyar. Shortlisted in 2004 by the SPNM.

1] Nashe Slavne Tovaristvo (a folksong)

Hej! Povij vitre iz stepiv
Ej! Daj nam sylu Kozakiv
Hej! Daj nam sylu
Nashe slavne tovaristvo
Hej! Marshiruje, raz, dva, tri!
Hej! Vidno selo pid goroju
Oj tam jidut' nashi Kozaki do boju
Poperedu jidut' starshi otamany
Khto okhotu maje, khaj jide z namy
Khloptsi zh bo to khloptsi sokoly
Nashe slavne tovaristvo
Hej! Marshiruje, raz, dva, tri!

2] Visluhay, Bozhe, Blahannya (a prayer)

Visluhay, Bozhe, blahannya
Niszhit ne dolya nash krai
Vyednosti syla narodu
Bozhe, nam yednost' podai


1] Our Glorious Nation

Hey! The wind blows from the steppes.
Hey! Give us the strength of the Cossacks.
Our glorious nation,
Hey! We are marching one, two three!

Hey! See the village beneath the mountains.
Oh! There go our Cossacks into battle,
The bravest at the helm.
Let all who are willing join with us.
The boys, they are falcons.
Our glorious nation,
Hey! We are marching one, two three!

2] Oh, Lord, Hear Our Prayer

Oh, Lord, hear our prayer,
Let this not be the fate of our land.
In kinship lies the strength of our people.
God give us unity.

Halyna Ovcharenko

Halyna Ovcharenko

Photo courtesy Halyna Ovcharenko

In 1998, when directing the Composers and Choreographers Exchange in London, I met the Ukrainian singer and composer Halyna Ovcharenko. Her stunning 'Authentic Voice' singing style immediately captured my imagination and some years later I decided to write a piece for her, setting two Ukrainian folk texts. It was not my intention to imitate the Ukrainian folk music style and, almost as if to make this point, I chose as her accompaniment the Dartington College of Arts Balinese Gamelan orchestra, an electric guitar and a second, non-Ukrainian voice.

Totnes Castle

Totnes Castle. Photo by Troxx (public domain image)

Dolya Nash Krai was subsequently premiered at Totnes Castle and recorded at Dartington College of Arts.

Christopher Best Dolya Nash Krai sample score
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c.11 mins
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Traditional Ukrainian folk text
Soprano, Alto, Electric Guitar, Gamelan Gong Kebyar

Christopher Best Dolya Nash Krai by Chrisbestmusic

Conductor: Christopher Best. Soprano: Maryam Best. Alto: Halyna Ovcharenko. Electric Guitar: Paul Swoger-Ruston. Gamelan Gong Kebyar: Members of Dartington College of Arts Balinese Gamelan Orchestra, leader: Saj Heming.
First performance 
Totnes Castle July 2004, conducted by Christopher Best.