... expressive and moving and beautifully conceived for the instruments... a truly genuine and appropriate tribute...

composer Jim Aitchison, July 14th 2015

Scending is a work dedicated to my former Dartington College of Arts colleague and musicologist friend Bob Gilmore, who tragically passed away in January 2015. It uses the full range of the flute family, from bass through to piccolo, and is also tailor-made to suit the Pigini concert accordion. The first complete performance took place on April 28th 2017 at 'The Exchange', Penzance (Cornwall, UK), with a studio recording made over the following two days. The recording engineer was Kieran Clark and the recording was edited, mixed and mastered by the composer. On 24/12/17 the recording was broadcast in full on Radio Beograd 3, Serbia. A podcast of the programme, entitled Vek Harmonike, is available on the station's website.


From L to R: Miloš Milivojević, Chris Best and Will Sleath

The four movements are:

Scending I: A-Scending

Scending II: DE-Scending

Scending III: A-Scending, DE-Scending

Scending IV: TRAN-Scending

Scending performances and recording

Top L:  Scending at the Exchange, Penzance. Top R: Scending at the Barbara Hepworth Museum, St. Ives. Bottom: Scending recording sesssion at Falmouth University.

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How to purchase 

Study score available for FREE download. Set of 2 performers parts PLEASE REQUEST THROUGH THE CONTACT PAGE.

c.45 mins
Bass, Alto, Concert and Piccolo Flutes (1 player), Concert Button Accordion

Scending 01 A-Scending by Chrisbestmusic

Scending 02 DE-Scending by Chrisbestmusic

Scending 03 A-Scending, DE-Scending by Chrisbestmusic

Scending 04 TRAN-Scending (FINAL) by Chrisbestmusic

All tracks: Recording engineer: Kieran Clark. Editing, mixing and mastering by Christopher Best
First performance 
PREMIERE: The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, April 2017. Performers: William Sleath (flutes); Miloš Milivojević (accordion)
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